Lincoln Towers is comprised of eight buildings, each of which is an independent corporation. The eight buildings jointly share responsibility for the grounds surrounding the buildings. The operational responsibility for the grounds is vested in the Lincoln Towers Community Association (LTCA). LTCA has two organizational arms: firstly the security organization, whose staff of uniformed officers monitors and patrols the campus; and secondly the maintenance organization whose staff looks after the grounds and provides a range of maintenance services to all of the apartments in the complex.

LTCA is governed by a board of directors, made up of a representative from each of the eight buildings.


LTCA requires that resident dogs be registered and have a Lincoln Towers dog tag in order to be walked on Lincoln Towers property. To register your dog, please contact the management office.

New York City has a “pooper scooper” law, which means that you must clean up after your dog. Additionally, there are areas on the grounds, clearly marked, where dogs are not permitted.

Playground and Park

The recreation area and playground behind 205 West End are for the exclusive use of Lincoln Towers residents and guests in their company.

The security guard will require that one member of a party show a LTCA ID card when entering the park area from West End Avenue.

205 West End residents may enter and exit the park through the west rear door of the building. Residents and guests must be considerate of others while in the park and are requested to clean up after themselves and their children.

Small areas of the park may be booked for children’s birthday parties and picnics through the management office.

Rules governing the use of the playground and park are posted in the park.


If plaster becomes damaged in your apartment you should contact the resident manger, who will verify the condition and, if appropriate, set an appointment with the LTCA plasterer to make the repair. Please note that painting is the responsibility of the shareholder.

Tile Work

You may call the resident manager, to arrange for a LTCA workman to repair or grout loose tiles. Please note that this work will only be performed on the building’s standard tile. LTCA may not service renovated bathroom tiles.

Parquet Floors

Parquet floors that have been damaged by water due to plumbing leaks will be replaced by LTCA. LTCA attempts to match the color to the existing tiles but cannot guarantee a perfect match. If your floors have been refinished or polyurethaned, LTCA will only replace missing tiles. The shareholder is responsible for the finish on the floor.

Venetian Blinds

If you have the standard building blinds, LTCA will clean and re-tape them. There is a charge of $125.00 for small blinds and $250.00 for large blinds. Call +1-212-496-5115 for an appointment.


The role of the LTCA security department is to help maintain order and provide residents with professional protective services. Their primary responsibility is to protect persons and property from harm. They perform general patrol, vertical patrol, and staff fixed posts around the grounds. Security guards respond to calls for assistance from residents at Lincoln Towers, for instance: lockouts, gas odors, noise complaints, and so on, with a view toward correcting the condition and preparing a report.

While they are trained to deal with emergency situations, they are not emergency personnel. In an emergency you should first call 911 and afterward call LTCA security.

Remember, the security department is there to ensure your safety and well being. Get to know the guards so that they may readily identify you as a resident. If you need immediate assistance, please call the Tour Commander at +1-212-496-5612 at any hour day or night. If you would like to speak to the Director of Security, please call +1-212-496-5616 during business hours.

Residents are required to leave a set of keys to their apartment with the LTCA security office, where the keys will be filed. This will facilitate matters in case of an emergency or lockout. In case you are locked out of your apartment, ask Lincoln Towers Security for help at +1-212-496-5612 at any time.

NOTE: If your keys are not on file, LTCA security will not be able to assist you in gaining access to your apartment. Apartment or mailbox keys may NOT be left with the doorman.