Front Desk and Door Staff

There is someone at the front desk 24 hours a day. On weekdays between noon and 8 PM there are two doormen at the front door. One doorman will always be at the front desk to ensure that all guests and deliveries are properly checked before being allowed up to an apartment. The staff at the desk also monitor the closed circuit television system. When the doormen are not otherwise engaged with security matters, they will help residents and visitors with packages, getting in and out of cars, and negotiating the doors.

The front door is locked between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM for the security of our building. The doorman will unlock the door for you and your guests.

Maintenance and Repairs

For routine repairs and maintenance, please file a Building Link ticket. If you are unable to file a Building Link ticket, call the front desk and they will file one on your behalf.

Handymen are on duty weekdays from 5 PM to midnight and on weekends from 4 PM to midnight to respond to minor emergencies in your apartment. Call +1-212-496-5208. After midnight call the doorman or security at +1-212-496-5612.


General deliveries of items like groceries, supplies, or small parcels, are permitted to your apartment between 8 AM and 5 PM when someone is at home to receive them. Restaurant food orders may be delivered to your apartment until 9 PM, after which you must retrieve them from the front desk.

Freight Elevator – Move-in / Move-out / Large Deliveries

Residents who are moving in, moving out, or receiving a major delivery should contact the management office, which will reserve the service elevator and schedule security coverage for the appropriate period. A $100 fee is charged in addition to a refundable $500 deposit.

Smoke Detectors

You are required by law to have functioning smoke detectors in your apartment. The smoke detectors that we have installed now have batteries designed to last ten years, so our staff no longer replaces them twice a year.

Window Guards

New York City law requires that all apartments with children ten (10) years or younger must have window guards. Each January management conducts a mandatory survey of all apartments. If you need or want window guards, please contact the management office. If you do not have children ten (10) years or younger living in your apartment and wish to have the guards removed, call the management office.

Garbage and Recyclables

205 West End participates in the city’s modified recycling program. Put clean cans and other metal containers in the recycling receptacles in the compactor room. For the safety of building personnel, glass bottles, not returned for deposit, should also be place in the recycling receptacle in the compactor room.

Newspapers and corrugated cardboard should be stacked neatly.

Household trash and garbage, including plastic bottles not taken to the store for deposit refund, should be inside a bag that is tied and then placed down the chute.

Please call the superintendent or the front desk to arrange for the removal of oversized items.

205 participates in a composting program (suspended during the COVID emergency) that allows you to deposit organic (food) waste in a special bin located outside each compactor room in the basement.

205 participates in a citywide electronics recycling program. Please bring electronic items for recycling to the basement and leave them outside a compactor room door.


The building provides extermination services free of charge every Friday. Please call the management office several days in advance if you desire this service. Please let management know if there is a serious problem so that they may take additional steps.