By-Laws & House Rules


Community Room Rules

  1. The Community Room is available exclusively to 205 Residents. Children must always be accompanied and supervised by a parent or baby-sitter,

  2. Hours are 9 AM to 9 PM , unless otherwise posted,

  3. Residents may invite one nonresident child. Visitors must remain with their host (parent or baby-sitter) at all times,

  4. Guests must wait in the lobby until greeted by their host,

  5. Playgroups are not allowed, unless the room is rented for that purpose,

  6. Sick children may not be brought to the Community Room,

  7. Diaper changes are not permitted in the Community Room, hallways or bathrooms,

  8. Users are responsible for returning all toys and equipment to their proper place and leaving the room clean and orderly,

  9. Toys and equipment may not be removed at any time,

  10. No smoking is allowed,

  11. Other than drinks for children, no food, chewing gum or beverages are permitted,

  12. Children must sit in the kitchen area to have a drink,

  13. Please don’t bring drinks such as grape juice which can produce stains,

  14. Messy art supplies such as magic markers, crayons, and clay are not allowed,

  15. Vigorous sports are prohibited (e.g. baseball, ball tossing, rough games, roller-blading and roller skating),

  16. No pets.

Please be considerate of other residents.

Those who fail to comply with these rules will receive a warning.  Subsequent failure may result in loss of use of the room.

Gym Rules

  1. The gym is available exclusively to shareholder members who have executed an application and waiver, paid the membership fee and been granted access via their key fob,

  2. Users must be 16 years of age or older,

  3. No visitors or guests are allowed at any time,

  4. The gym is open 24 hours,

  5. Members are required to sign in each time they use the gym,

  6. Use of equipment is at member’s own risk,

  7. Smoking and eating of food is prohibited,

  8. When other members are waiting there is a 30 minute time limit on equipment plus up to 5 minutes for cool-down,

  9. Be considerate of others and follow basic rules of workout etiquette,

  10. Use the cleaning solution to wipe perspiration from exercise equipment and mats after use,

  11. Return benches and weights to their proper places,

  12. Please do not use the gym if you are sick,

  13. Members are responsible for their own belongings,

  14. Practice of martial arts or “contact sports” is prohibited,

  15. Television is a shared resource available to enhance the workout,

  16. Members working out should agree on the television's use,

  17. The television must remain in the center position at all times,

  18. Appropriate dress required.  (Men: t-shirt, shorts, sweats, or warm-ups and sneakers.  Women: leotards or t-shirt, tights, shorts, sweats, or warm-ups and sneakers or exercise shoes.),

  19. Personal Trainers must be licensed and approved by the management office,

  20. Regulations and hours may be obtained by leaving a note in the suggestion box,

  21. No cell phone conversations other than emergency calls.

  22. Headphones must be used with the Peloton bike if the sound is being used,

  23. No saving of machines is allowed.

Gym membership may be revoked by demonstrated disregard of the rules or generally undesirable behavior to be determined at the sole discretion of the board.

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