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Offering Plan - Book Two

When Lincoln Towers converted from rental to a complex condominium/cooperative structure in 1987 the sponsor published nine offering plan books.  One of the books, Book Two, covered the overall complex.  Each of the eight buildings is covered by its own version of Book One.

The Board of 205 West End Avenue has undertaken to make the offering plan available on this website as a convenience to shareholders and potential shareholders.

The entire 551 pages of Book Two are available as a single document.  In addition, we have separated the PDF file into components representing specific subject areas from the original document.  This presentation, we hope, will make it as convenient as possible to investigate the contents of the Offering Plan.


Front Cover

Title Page

Table of Contents
1Tenant's Engineering Report
251Asbestos Report
291Specifications of Work to be Performed
513Window Contract
547Window Replacement Engineering Services Retainer