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Offering Plan Documents

When Lincoln Towers converted from rental to Cooperative in 1987, the sponsors published nine offering documents referred to as "black books."  One (book two) was common to all of the eight buildings while each of the other eight was specific to one of the buildings.

The Board of 205 West End has decided to make both of its offering documents available online for the convenience of shareholders and potential shareholders.  The documents were prepared by first scanning the original paper documents and then using sophisticated recognition software to make the original text searchable.  Thus when you enter a word or phrase in the "Search this site" box at the top of any page you are very likely to find those places in these documents where your query text appears.

In addition to the two original documents, a series of amendments has been published since 1987.  We have assembled a full series and have published it on this site.  As further amendments are published we will scan them and publish them on this page.
Book One
Book Two