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Status of Local Law 11 / Balcony Refurbishment Project

posted Nov 27, 2017, 7:01 AM by 205 West End Avenue Owners Corporation   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 7:02 AM ]

November 27, 2017

At a recent project meeting, the management and board reviewed the remaining work elements.  Based on where we are now and on weather forecasts, we no longer expect the project to be completed in 2017.  We are extremely disappointed in this outcome.  Here are the details:


·       Complete concrete fascia replacement on all balconies,

·       Complete stripping the forms from all balconies,

·       Complete scarifying the surfaces on all balconies.


·       Install expansion joints at the centers of the J/V and H/U balconies.


The last three (3) items that will remain for the spring of 2018, once weather permits, will be:

1.     The fascia and underside coatings,

2.     The topside traffic deck coating,

3.     The railing and partition installation.

The first item to be conducted will be the balcony fascia and underside coating.  Since this is temperature sensitive, the work cannot be started until temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees (including overnight temperatures).  Each balcony fascia and underside will receive two (2) coats of paint. 

The second item to be conducted will be the topside traffic deck coating.  This is the covering for the walking surface of each balcony.  Because the process is temperature sensitive the work cannot be started until the contractor is confident that temperatures will be above 40 degrees for a minimum of five (5) straight days.  Each deck will receive four (4) layers of coating. 

The final item on all the balconies will be the installation of the new railings and partitions.  These will be installed, set in grout, and waterproofed.

The estimated time for completion of each item in the Spring of 2018 is as follows:

1)    Installation of fascia and underside coatings -15 working days,

2)    Installation of Traffic Deck System - 40 working days,

3)    Installation of Railings and Partitions - 20 working days.


With a full complement of workers on site, the contractor will need 75 working days to complete the project once temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees.  With this schedule in mind, the project will be completed by the end of June.  

Once the balcony railings have been installed and the balconies have been approved by the building engineer they will be opened to shareholders.  Based on NYC DOB protocols, the sidewalk bridge will need to remain in place until the Amended 8th Cycle Local Law Report is accepted by the DOB. 

In the event there are favorable temperatures (above 40 degrees) in the months of December, January, or February, the contractor will conduct some of the coating work to help accelerate the schedule as best they can.  They are leaving the scaffolds in place for this reason, but they will be fully secured and safe when not in use.     


The Board had intended that this project be finished this season.  It is unfortunate that between delays with the DOB, rain, unexpectedly cold temperatures, in addition to misestimation by our contractor, we have run out of time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has, and will, cause.  If there is anything our AKAM Management office can do to help alleviate this inconvenience, please reach out to Mark Weil.