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Social Distancing

posted Mar 20, 2020, 6:13 AM by Marc Donner

The Board and Management of the Cooperative have agreed on a set of recommendations for residents and guidelines for staff to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 during this emergency.

Front Desk

Please stay six feet from the front desk staff at all times.  This means that a number of customary front desk services will be suspended for the foreseeable future:

      Helping residents and visitors into and out of taxis

      Only using the electric lobby doors

      Helping with packages and luggage

In addition, the front desk will no longer stock dog treats and staff will be asked not to welcome residents and their pets behind the desk.

We will be marking the floor at the sides of the front desk with a line that we ask residents not to cross.

Maintenance Visits to Apartments

To protect both staff and residents, maintenance visits will be limited to urgent matters only.  A leak or a safety condition counts as urgent, but changing a light bulb does not.

Hygiene in Elevators


We have been instructed that the elevator control panels present a substantial risk for transmitting the virus.  We are examining things that we can do to allow residents and staff to minimize this risk. In the interim, please use your keys, elbow, etc., to press your floor.

It is also okay to wait for an empty elevator to implement social distancing. This may increase your travel time but is safer.


The Cooperative does encourage you to minimize the number of visitors into your apartment during the COVID-19 emergency.