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Roof Committee Status Report

posted Sep 25, 2013, 8:06 AM by Marc Donner
As we have reported previously, the roof of 205 West End needs to be replaced next year.

The board has constituted a Roof Committee to prepare recommendations for renovation of the roof.  Among the options under consideration is the installation of a usable deck, an amenity that could be available to residents on the roof for lounging, sunning, viewing, etc.

This entire project is within our current capital funding and will not cost the shareholder anything.

Before the Committee proceeds with making design recommendations to the Board, the committee wants to assess the level of interest among shareholders in such an amenity.

As such, we have distributed a survey. If you want your opinion counted, please complete and return this survey to the AKAM office by Friday, October 4th.

The Roof Committee is comprised of the following people:
•    Board members Stu Sugarman and Larry Chaifetz
•    AKAM Managing Executive Mark Weil
•    Six shareholder volunteers
1.    Mary Jane Crook, 29L
2.    Arnold Weinstein, 28N
3.    Phil Hooley, 29P
4.    Stuart Gaffin, 5D
5.    Karen Byrnes, 29G
6.    Derek Chen, 25L

We had numerous volunteers for this committee.  We want to thank all those who volunteered.

The Roof committee will meet in October and use the results of this survey to guide its way forward.  This process will take three to four months to complete.  We will keep you informed as we progress.