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Return of the prodigal cart

posted Jan 25, 2015, 11:04 AM by Marc Donner

205 West End provides six carts for the convenience of residents in conveying bulky or heavy items between the lobby and their apartments. 

Two of these carts are brass metal luggage carts that can support hangers as well as suitcases.  The other four are Rubbermaid utility carts – two are wider models and two are somewhat narrower.

Each of these carts has a resting place in one of the mailrooms or elsewhere in the lobby area.  Each utility cart is marked with its resting location, thus simplifying the task of returning it to its resting place without having to search for an empty space.

With only six carts to serve over 500 apartments, it is important that a resident who uses a cart should relinquish it and return it to the lobby as soon as possible.

In the recent information meeting a shareholder commented that it was sometimes the case that a resident would, after using one of these carts, simply abandon it in an elevator, trusting to another resident or a member of staff to remove it from the elevator and return it to its proper resting place in one of the mailrooms 

While this is better than leaving the cart in the hallway outside your apartment, it is not really a considerate way to deal with an important shared resource.

Please bring the cart down to the lobby after you are finished with it and return it to its proper resting place in the mailroom or to the front desk.