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Resurrecting the Pet-Friendly Association

posted May 23, 2013, 1:33 PM by Marc Donner

The Pet-Friendly Association in its golden age helped the 205 community have a productive and thoughtful dialog about the relations between pets, their owners, and currently non-pet-owning residents in the building (because everyone wants a pet and if they haven’t had one in the past, they probably want to have one some day).


Sadly, the Board and Management have lost contact with the Pet-Friendly Association.  Various members have left the building and we have not heard from them in quite a while.


The board invites shareholders who would like to participate in the revival of the Pet-Friendly Association (particularly if you are willing to do some work) to email the management office (managingagent@205westend.com) with their contact information and a short statement of their particular interests.


Once we have gathered names for a while we will convene an organizational meeting so that the Pet-Friendly Association can reassume its rightful place in our community.