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Martin Finneran Retiring; Shareholder Information Meeting

posted Jan 7, 2016, 3:33 PM by Marc Donner

Martin Finneran Retiring

Martin (Marty) Finneran, the Resident Manager of 205 West End Avenue for the last 50 years, told the board several months ago that he planned to retire from his position in the first quarter of 2016.

Marty and the Board hoped that he would attend the holiday party, but he was indisposed at the time of the event and was not able to attend.

This is an epochal event for the building and its residents, few if any of whom can remember any other Resident Manager.  [And, no, Marty did not build Lincoln Towers himself!]

As soon as Marty informed us of his plans to retire, the Board engaged in an extensive search for a successor. As you can imagine, it was hard to find a replacement for Marty; Marty had set the bar very high.

The board has learned some things about the role during the search process.  The title Resident Manager is distinguished from the title Superintendent by the union contract.  If the role requires the supervision of six or more employees, it is titled Resident Manager.  If it involves the supervision of five or fewer, then it is labeled Superintendent.

The Search

The Board interviewed numerous candidates, several of them multiple times.  We looked for a range of qualifications, including experience managing large cooperative residences, experience managing a substantial staff, experience with building systems, ability to work with shareholders and tenants, ability to work effectively with vendors, and good communication skills.

Jose Anderson

We recently offered the position of Resident Manager to Jose Anderson.  Mr. Anderson is currently the Resident Manager of another building in the Upper West Side.  He has extensive experience, having managed several residential properties over the past twenty-five years.

We have agreed with Mr. Anderson that he will start as our Resident Manager on February First.  Marty has agreed to help Mr. Anderson with the transition.

Regular Shareholder Q&A Session with the Board

Now that the maintenance letter is out, published on December 15 and distributed to shareholders, it is our tradition to host a Q&A session for shareholders with the board.

This meeting will take place on Thursday 28 January at 7PM in the community room.  We welcome your attendance.