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House Rules – Balcony Update; New Board Member

posted Nov 8, 2017, 5:57 PM by Marc Donner   [ updated Nov 10, 2017, 5:24 AM ]
Successor to Jeffrey Allister on the Board: Ernie Sander
At its recent meeting the Board interviewed candidates who had responded to the notice of Jeffrey Allister’s announced intention to retire from the board as of the end of 2017.
After interviewing the candidates and an extensive discussion, the board has asked Ernie Sander to succeed Jeffrey Allister when he vacates his seat at the end of December.
Ernie Sander has lived in 205 for the past four years along with his wife and children, aged 9 and 11. He grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts (the board did NOT inquire as to his views on the Yankees and the Red Sox) and studied journalism at Colby College and Northwestern University Graduate School of Journalism.
Ernie has had a career in media over several decades, occupying managerial and leadership roles in companies big and small, including the Wall Street Journal. He has extensive experience in communications, a specialty of which the board expects to take advantage in the coming years.
The Board thanks Jeffrey Allister for his years of service
The Board extends its warmest thanks to Jeffrey Allister for his many years of service to the 205 community. In his time on the board, including the many years that he served as the Treasurer, Jeffrey worked tirelessly to keep expenses and hence maintenance increases down. It is thanks to his efforts that 205’s maintenance increases over the last decade have been the lowest in Lincoln Towers.
House Rules – Balcony Update
As promised, the board has reviewed the House Rules governing balconies in line with the balcony restoration project currently under way. A revised set of House Rules have been posted to the 205 West End website (205westend.com) on the page named Rules.

The Board strongly urges you to read these House Rules relative to the balconies (Section #9) before returning any of your possessions onto your balcony.