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Elevator Update

posted Oct 18, 2013, 5:44 AM by Marc Donner   [ updated Oct 20, 2013, 6:55 AM ]

Major Work Now Complete

All six elevators are back in service. The contractors are working on a punch list of remaining items. Most of the remaining items are technical things that are invisible to 205 residents, but some affect the cabs.

Remaining Cab Items

  • Carpets for all cars

  • Handrails for all cars

  • Security cameras for all cars

  • Taxi light button for all cars

  • Ceiling and lighting improvements for passenger cars

  • Resurface door interiors for passenger cars


The project took just under a year to execute. The cost was a bit over $1.5 million dollars, or about $250K per elevator.


Each elevator is about 25% faster than it was before the modernization. What this translates to is an increase in throughput (the number of people we can move up and down per hour), as if we had almost one entire extra elevator on each side of the building.


The controllers for these elevators are much smarter than the old ones. In particular, if the car is very full it will proceed without stopping to the selected destinations. This does mean that the elevator may sometimes pass you by. But it also means that you are not going to have the frustration of seeing the door open on a packed elevator with no room for you to get on.

Also, we now have position indicators on every floor so that you know where each elevator is and when you can expect one to get to you.


In addition to everything else, these elevators consume a lot less energy. Because we switched from old-fashioned DC motors to modern AC motors, the elevators consume only 30% as much as they used to! That is less than a third of the power consumption of the old elevators, and it will save the Co-op about $30,000 per year in power expense.


The old elevators were extremely safe, so this is more of a potential point than a real one. In the course of modernizing the elevators we applied all of the safety innovations that had been invented and added to the building code in the over fifty years since the original elevators were installed.