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Elevator Modernization

posted May 23, 2013, 1:32 PM by Marc Donner

The elevator modernization project is proceeding according to schedule.  The elevator company, P. S. Marcato, projects that the second elevator on each side will be returned to service in the middle of June, with the service cars finished in October.


By now you’ve ridden in the modernized elevators multiple times.  We’re sure that you are as delighted as we are with the quiet speed with which the elevator delivers us to our floors.  In case you were wondering, the elevator is actually about 25% faster than it was before modernization.


Not only that, but the modernized elevators use less than one-third of the electrical power that the old elevators used, thanks to replacement of the old DC motors with modern permanent magnet AC motors.


The cab design committee has been working on a number of changes.  In particular they are exploring removing the dropped ceiling and replacing the current lighting, which they find unsatisfactory, with indirect cove lighting using warmer color temperature LED lamps.


The final carpets for the elevators are being fabricated, so the floor that you see, whether it’s the plain subfloor tiles or the old foul-weather carpet, is an intermediate stage.  We hope to have the new carpets in place soon.