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Elevator #5 back in service

posted Jul 14, 2013, 8:55 AM by Marc Donner
With the return of elevator #5, the center elevator on the west side of the building, to service each side now has two modernized elevators in service.  Each of these is about 25% faster than the unmodernized ones.  We hope that this will reduce delays while the final elevator remains out of service.

The final phase of modernization will complete the project by updating each of the two "service" elevators.  P. S. Marcato, our elevator contractor, projects the work to be complete in the fall.

The service cars will have ceilings almost a foot higher than the original ceilings, allowing longer items to be moved in and out than was possible before.

The new lighting design for the four completed "passenger" elevators will be installed as the schedule permits.

When the modernizations are complete the Taxi button in each elevator car will be connected to the system that drives the Taxi lights outside the building, allowing a resident to initiate a call for a taxi while descending to the lobby.  Management is working with electricians to make the Taxi lights brighter and more noticeable in the daytime.