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Electricity Metering During The Emergency

posted Mar 26, 2020, 6:58 AM by Marc Donner

As some of you may recall, when Lincoln Towers was built in 1961 there was a combination of low electricity costs and an oversupply of rental apartments.  As a result, the owner decided not to charge for electricty.

On conversion in 1986 the new Cooperatives continued this policy.

One consequence of this practice was widespread waste of electricity within the complex.


In 2003 this Cooperative, 205 West End, voted overwhelmingly to install electricity meters in the spaces originally constructed for them and start billing shareholders for their actual usage along with the monthly maintenance.  One of the consequences of making consumption visible was a dramatic drop in usage. After submetering went into effect in 2003 electricity usage in the residence dropped 25%. This drop in usage has persisted.

The meters are in hallway cabinets on every third floor.  These meters are read each month by a company, Bay City, that has contracted with us to do this meter reading.

Meter Reading in the COVID-19 Emergency

As you know, the Cooperative has established stringent restrictions on traffic to the building during the emergency.  Delivery people must leave items at the front desk, and residents must come down to pick them up.

The Cooperative has informed Bay City that we will not let their meter readers into the building during the emergency.  As a result, Bay City will be estimating electricity consumption for each unit during the emergency, and charges will be posted accordingly.  These estimates will be based on the historical usage by each unit.

Once the emergency is over and meters can be read directly again, AKAM will reconcile the differences between the estimated and actual usage, crediting or debiting the monthly bill as appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding of actions we are taking to ensure your health and safety during this emergency.