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Curbing Your Dog

posted Jan 25, 2015, 11:03 AM by Marc Donner
There have lately been numerous complaints, both to management and to the board, about recent deterioration in compliance with House Rules relating to where one may permit a dog to relieve itself.

The House Rules, available from the 205 West End website at this URL: www.205westend.com/home/library-of-documents/2011-08-23-HouseRules.pdf, include several clear statements on this topic:

11f: Residents may not “walk” their pets (i.e. allow them to relieve themselves) in the
stairwells, on balconies, sidewalks, walkways, tree pits, or in public areas of the

11g: It is the responsibility by each dog owner to assure that he or she, or any walker
retained to walk his or her dog, complies with city regulations and building policies
with respect to dogs, including regulations requiring that dogs be curbed (walked on
the public street, not the driveway) and that some form of “pooper scooper” always be

11h: Pets must be kept away from areas posted with “No Pets Allowed” signs and from all landscaped areas.

In particular we have heard numerous complaints that residents have been permitting their pets to relieve themselves against the walls of the flowerbeds right outside the main doors.  We are told that 205 staff are compelled to clean the areas on both sides of the main entrance several times per day.

Shareholders have told us stories of dog owners whom they have confronted on this topic ignoring them and continuing this behavior.

The board has recently directed management to step up enforcement of the House Rules concerning this behavior.  We have approved letters to residents identified as offending against the community in this way.

We intend to step up enforcement further.  If you see an infraction and you can identify the owner of the dog, communicate with the person on the door, with management, or with the board.  If you have a dog, please make sure that anyone who walks your dog for you knows these rules.

Most residents are disgusted with this behavior and it is our responsibility as a community to stamp it out.