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Clear Hallways and Safety

posted Feb 17, 2011, 12:17 PM by 205 West End Avenue Owners Corporation   [ updated Feb 18, 2011, 8:48 AM ]

Questions about the “clear hallways” policy

At the recent information meeting in the Community Room on January 10th several participants raised the issue of the building’s enforcement of the “clear hallways” policy.

Several said that during inclement weather the building should accommodate residents who wish to leave wet umbrellas or boots or even strollers with muddy wheels out in the hallways to dry, arguing that the current prohibition in the House Rules was unreasonable in its preference of the cleanliness of the hallways over the cleanliness of the apartments.

House rule 5J (House Rules) states:

Halls and stairways must be kept free of obstruction.  Articles such as the following:  bicycles, baby carriages, tricycles, shopping carts, packaging cases, open umbrellas, refuse, doormats, shoes etc. may not be left in the hallways.”

There was considerable confusion at the meeting about the purpose of this rule.  This rule is based on government safety regulations.  The purpose is to ensure that in case of fire or other crisis requiring evacuation that the route between your apartment door and the emergency stairways is never blocked by obstacles that might prevent you from making a speedy and safe exit.

This is a safety rule, not a hygiene rule.  Please keep the hallways clear.  Building staff will remove objects left in the hallways.  If you see objects left in the hallways please call the front desk immediately.  Please also notify the management office (managingagent@205westend.com).