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Building Operations

posted Mar 20, 2020, 5:15 AM by Marc Donner

(published 2020-03-16)

The board and management spoke today to discuss building operations considering the rapidly spreading COVID-19.  Our update dated March 9 remains in effect and, given the progress of events, we are instituting further changes for the foreseeable future.

Gym and Community Room

Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, both the Community Room and the Gym are closed.

We are making this move for two reasons: firstly, to reduce risk to residents and to staff by establishment of social distance, and secondly to reduce the workload on and potential for contamination to the staff.

With the closing of the Gym and the Community Room we ask that residents not congregate in any other common areas of the building, including the lobby and the laundry rooms.

Major deliveries and move-ins and move-outs

We have discussed these activities at length and will be establishing appropriate hygiene protocols in line with CDC recommendations.  We are not suspending either major deliveries or move-ins and move-outs currently.

Construction and service calls

Renovations that are under way may proceed.  We are suspending for the near term the initiation of new renovation projects.

Please postpone non-urgent service calls until things settle down a bit.

Open Houses

Until further notice we are suspending real estate open houses in the building.

Laundry Rooms

The laundry rooms are a crucial shared facility.  While building staff clean them aggressively and frequently, you can help by being mindful of virus transmission when you use the room.  And, given the current circumstances, please be mindful of your use of laundry equipment.  Perhaps when you start a load in a machine or a dryer you can set a timer on your phone as a reminder to come back to retrieve it in a timely fashion and release the machine to the next user.

Volunteer corps

We will shortly be instituting a corps of volunteers who will help residents with a variety of needs with things like shopping at Jubilee or CVS.  You may volunteer by sending an email to managingagent@205westend.com.


So long as you are not quarantined, you may continue to have visitors to your apartment.  Of course, you and your guests should follow CDC hygiene guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding as we make these policies for the safety and health of our residents, staff, and visitors.