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Balcony/Facade Project Update

posted May 19, 2017, 6:14 PM by Marc Donner

Removal of Railings and Use of AC’s:

According to the workplan, removal of the South Side railings will begin Monday, May 22nd, 2017 (weather permitting). This means there will be a great deal of noise, and dust generated. As discussed at the Informational meeting, air conditioners will be covered with an external filter to prevent this dust from getting into your AC’s.

You  will be able to use your AC’s during this period, but they may operate slightly less effectively. We recommend that if at all possible you do  not run the AC closest to the work area while work is ongoing.  When work has been performed on that balcony, the contractor will vacuum these filters at the end of each day to improve their efficiency,  Only AC’s over the balconies will be impacted.

No Access to Playground:

The DOB reviewed the safety plans for this project and designated the playground and part of the grassy area “no access. This means that no one will be allowed in this area at any time until the South Side balconies are completed. However, access to the rest of the park space (grassy areas, basketball area, etc.) will be available for use.  Work on the South Side of the building is expected to be completed near the end of August.

We are aware that this closure affects many Lincoln Towers residents, but unfortunately this was out of our hands. We originally thought the playground would be designated as “limited access”, allowing for access after work hours. On Wednesday May 17th, it was officially brought to our attention that the DOB has designated it as “no access”. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.  Had we known in advance, we would have communicated this much earlier.

Limited Access to West End Parking Lot:

The parking lot on the West End has been designated as “limited access”. This means that when work is going on, there is absolutely no access in or out of the parking lot. When no work is being performed during evenings and weekends, the parking lot can be opened.  However, there will be times that Xinos Construction will be working after 5pm and on Saturdays to complete the job on schedule.

North Side Balconies:

Based on our current schedule, North Side mobilization will begin June 26th . If we are on schedule, all items need to be removed from the North Side balconies at that point. Thus there will be an overlap of work being performed on both sides of the building to make up for the delayed start caused by the Department of Buildings in getting our permits.

Status Updates:

We will post regular status updates for this project.  Thank you for your patience during this work.