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Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Recap

posted May 18, 2016, 6:14 AM by Marc Donner

Regular Business

The meeting followed its standard course, documented in the formal minutes of the corporation.

We heard a report from the building’s accounting firm which noted that the Cooperative’s finances are sound.

The President’s summary of the past year included a list of events and completed projects:

  • Retirement of Resident Manager Martin Finneran and succession by new Resident Manager Jose Anderson,

  • Cogeneration replacement complete and online,

  • Roof replacement project final completion,

  • Driveway resurfacing project completed,

  • Balcony repair and code compliance work started,

  • Gym renovation planned and poised for completion,

  • LTCA has replaced the protective padding around the playground behind 205,

  • We have concluded a new contract with the cleaners who operate in the 205 Lobby,

  • We have signed a contract with a new operator for the Laundry Room, to take effect around June.

The slate of directors, being unopposed, was reelected by acclamation in the final formal act of the annual meeting.


During the informal Q&A the following questions were raised:

  • Our website (www.205westend.com) is not open for public comments.  We referred the shareholder to the Building Link site for the building, which is open for comments.

  • What services does LTCA provide?  205’s LTCA representative, Larry Chaifetz, will produce a summary of LTCA services for distribution to shareholders.

  • Some complaints about the state of hallway wallpaper were raised.  We referred the shareholder to the management office and resident manager to schedule maintenance work.

  • Some complaints about drafts from windows during the winter were raised. We referred the shareholder to the management office and resident manager to schedule maintenance work.

  • Questions were asked about making a fairer distribution of bike room and storage room capacity.  We reported on a Board initiative to review all of the basement space with Management and develop an overall plan.

  • A shareholder requested that entry through the rear of the building be enabled.  The board reported that it regularly reviews the security implications and costs of such a change with LTCA Security and has decided not to open the back in this way.

  • A shareholder complained that non-emergency water shutdown notices were not received with adequate notice.  Management noted that they are published in the lobby, on Building Link, and by door-to-door delivery.

  • A shareholder noted that water pressure on the 29th floor was inadequate.  Management will investigate.

A shareholder complained that there was warm or hot water coming from the cold taps recently.  Mr Anderson noted that during a recent incident a plumber, unfamiliar with our systems, had incorrectly opened a valve to create this condition.  He noted that it had subsequently been corrected.