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Access via the East parking lot

posted Apr 18, 2011, 2:27 PM by Marc Donner

Shareholder meeting question

At the shareholder information meeting on January 10th a number of shareholders argued passionately that the Board should change our policy and allow entry to the building via the rear parking lot at the east corner of the property.  After listening to these arguments the board agreed to investigate the practical issues involved in permitting such access and report back to the community.

Since the meeting the managing agent, under the board’s direction, has conducted a thorough investigation of this concept, including holding meetings with LTCA Security and with representatives of our neighboring building as well as soliciting design proposals and construction bids from specialist firms that might implement specific security improvements recommended to enable access to the building by this particular back door.

Safety and Security issues

There are two problems associated with permitting access via this back door – safety and security.  After a discussion with LTCA Security we concluded that it would probably be possible to address the security concerns by constructing an automatic gate across the driveway to the east parking lot.  In order for the gate to be effective it would have to extend across 185’s lawn all the way to their exterior wall, something to which they might well not agree, given the unsightliness of the proposed gate.

Beyond the security challenges, however, the pathway from the gate to the back door is not easily observed by existing security and safety staff and has an inclined section that is expected to be hazardous in bad weather.  Rendering this section adequately safe would require an increase in the building’s staffing level, something that is not justified by the small increase in convenience for the residents who might choose to use it.

As a consequence the board has decided that because the cost is too high, the risk is too high, and the benefit is too low, we will not pursue the proposal further.  Entrance and exit via the rear door to the east parking lot remains forbidden.  We know that a number of residents commonly ignore the ban and exit via the parking lot door and we are considering increasing enforcement of the ban.