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Who Ya Gonna Call?

Residents wonder whom to call with requests, comments, complaints, and compliments.  The contacts listed on this page are all well and good, but whom do you call when about what?

If it is an emergency, call 911 first. 

After you have called 911, then call the front desk to let them know that police, fire, or EMS will be coming in response to your call.

If it is not an emergency, then here is what we recommend:

1 - When the management office is open, which is weekday business hours, you should send requests and comments there.

You may use Building Link to submit a request, you may send mail to the managing agent, you may call on the phone, or you may stop by the office in the lobby.

2 – When the management office is closed, which is evenings and weekends, you should contact the front desk.

Some things can and will be handled immediately by building or LTCA staff, but others may need to wait for the next business day.

3 – If you have a comment about a member of the building staff, contact the resident manager.  If you have a comment about LTCA, the office staff, or the resident manager, you should send that to Mark Weil, the management executive, directly.

4 – If you have a comment about the management executive, Mark Weil, you should send that to the Board (directors@205westend.com).

There is a LOT of daily communication among the staff, the Resident Manager, and the management office, so there is no meaningful delay caused by routing things through the management office, and it helps management better handle all eventualities.

Resident Manager and Building Staff

The front desk is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may be called at +1-212-496-5218.

You may reach the resident manager by email at residentmanager@205westend.com.  You may also call the resident manager at +1-212-496-5617.

Managing Agent

If you need to contact someone who can act authoritatively for the 205 West End Owners Association (the Coop) or the 205 West End Condominium (the Condo, comprised of the residence, the garage, and the professional units) you are encouraged to reach out to the managing agent.

The on-site management office at 205 West End may be reached by postal mail at:

205 West End Owners Corporation
Attention: Managing Executive
205 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10023

And you may contact them by phone during business hours (9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday) at +1-212-580-5600.  They may also be contacted by email at managingagent@205westend.com.

AKAM Living Services provides management to 205 West End Avenue and many other residences in the New York City area.