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205 West End Owners Corporation

Board of Directors
  • Eleanor Applewhaite
  • Abigail Burns
  • Lawrence Chaifetz
  • Marc Donner
  • Ernie Sander
  • Robert Stein
  • Stuart Sugarman (president)
  • Natalie Donghia (sponsor representative)
Managing Agent
On-site office
280 Madison Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Contact Numbers
Superintendent +1-212-496-5617
Doorman +1-212-496-5218
Lockouts +1-212-496-5612
Security +1-212-496-5616
Laundry Room

Financial information


Maintenance is due on the first of the month.  Late payments are subject to an escalating penalty:  $50 for the first late payment, $75 for the second, and $100 for the third and subsequent late payments.



Fee Schedule

Resale, refinance, and sublet

Shareholders planning to sell, refinance or sublet their apartment must receive Board approval.  Contact the Management Office for information and to obtain the appropriate package at least two months before the proposed transaction.  Any shareholder who sublets without Board approval is subject to a fine of $1,000.00 plus 20% of the monthly maintenance for each month the unauthorized sublet is in effect and eviction of the unapproved tenant.

Homeowners insurance

Each shareholder and/or tenant must have insurance for his or her apartment.  Many insurance companies offer policies specific to shareholders or renters.  Please make sure that you get a policy which has coverage for both personal property and liability.

Financial statements and annual meeting

Each spring, in late April or May, the 205 West End Avenue Owners Corporation holds its annual meeting.  At that time, directors for the board are elected, the audited financial statements for the Coop and the Condo are presented, and any other business is conducted.  Shareholders should keep their copies of the current financial statements as well as the offering plan and amendments because they may need them for refinancing and resale.

Building information

Board communications

The board of directors meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month.  The board holds periodic information meetings for shareholders in order to share information and take questions.  Periodic updates are posted  on lobby bulletin boards and newsletters are sent to shareholders and residents from time to time.  Some of these communications are posted to the News section of this website.


Shareholder committees

The board of directors has established a number of standing committees on which shareholders are encouraged to serve.  Shareholder committees oversee the operations of the gym and the community room, work with the gardener and on energy conservation.  Shareholders interview prospective shareholders and sub-lessees.  The quality of life committee provides a forum for discussions concerning all aspects of life at 205 West End.


Shareholder gym

Gym membership is open to all 205 West End shareholders 16 years of age and over.  Applications are available from the management office.  The annual fee is $100 for an individual membership and $150 for a family membership.  Each user must execute a waiver of liability and agree to abide by gym rules.  Gym members are provided with a copy of the rules, and the rules are posted in the gym.  Violators and abusers of the rules are subject to loss of membership privileges.

Community Room

The community room is located in the basement and is open to all residents.  The community room rules are included in the 205 West End welcome package, are posted in the room, and appear on the rules page of this website.



There is a locked bicycle storage room in the basement.  Space is limited.  Spaces are assigned by the Management Office, as available.  Bicycles are to be placed in the rack in assigned spaces.  Some residents use their bicycles frequently, so floors must be kept clear and bicycles may not be placed so as to block access to other bicycles.  The space rental fee is $50.00 per year.

Storage bins

A limited number of bins are available in the basement.  Large bins rent for $400.00 annually, and small bins rent for $200.00 annually.  Contact the Management Office for availability.

Garage access

If you park your car on a monthly basis in the garage at 205 West End, you may obtain access between the garage and the building through the three basement doors by submitting a current garage bill to the Management Office.


The  intercom works on your telephone. 

  1. To reach the doorman Dial +1-212-496-5218.

  2. Two Quick Rings means the doorman is calling you.

  3. If you are on the phone and hear a Muted Double Tone, a type of call waiting, it is the doorman.  Dial 3 to put your call on hold and connect with the doorman.  Dial 3 to return to your outside call.

Smoke detectors

You are required by law to have functioning smoke detectors in your apartment.  In the spring, the building sends maintenance personnel to replace the filters in your air conditioning units and to put a new battery in each smoke detector.


Garbage and recyclables

205 West End participates in the city’s modified recycling program.  Place clean cans and other metal containers in the recycling receptacles in the compactor room.  For the safety of building personnel, glass bottles, not returned for deposit, should also be place in the recycling receptacle in the compactor room.  Newspapers and corrugated cardboard should be stacked neatly.  Household trash and garbage, including plastic bottles not taken to the store for deposit refund, should be inside a bag that is tied and then placed down the chute.  Please call the superintendent or the doorman to arrange for the removal of oversized items.


Laundry room

There are two laundry rooms in the basement.  The machines are operated by a smart card system.  There are top loaders, front loaders and one triple size front loading washing machine in each room.  The extra large front loader is very handy for washing quilts and oversize items.  Service Directions is the company that operates the rooms.  If you have problems with the equipment please call them at +1-800-945-9274.


Package room

The package room, located on the southeast side of the lobby, is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The package room for parcel post, UPS, and other packages also currently houses an outside laundry and dry cleaning service.  FedEx and other services come to the front desk.


Air conditioners

You own the air conditioning units in your apartments.  It is your responsibility to maintain these units.  The superintendent can provide you with information about replacement units that fit the sleeves.



The building provides extermination services free of charge every  Friday.  Please call the management office several days in advance if you desire this service.  Please let management know if there is a serious problem so that they may take additional steps.


Window guards

New York City law requires that all apartments with children ten (10) years or younger must have window guards.  Each January management conducts a mandatory survey of all apartments.  If you need or want window guards, please contact the management office.  If you do not have children ten (10) years or younger living in your apartment and wish to have the guards removed, call the management office.

Important Phone Numbers


911 (Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Poison Control Center



Fire Safety


A copy of the NYC Fire Department’s fire safety rules can be obtained from the management office.  Please read the rules carefully and make sure that children and others in your household observe them.


In accordance with New York City Law, fire safety notices, which may be obtained from the management office, must be posted in every apartment.

Moving in and out, fixing up

Alterations and renovations

All alterations and renovations require Board approval.  Please contact the Management Office for the  alteration guidelines.  Forms and guidelines may be found on this site.

Outside contractors

Contractors performing cosmetic work (i.e. painting, wallpapering, carpentry,  refinishing floors, building shelves in your closets, and so on) in your apartment are required to demonstrate $1 million of insurance by presenting a copy of the certificate of insurance to the management office.  Contact the management office for additional requirements before engaging a contractor.


Management inspects apartments prior to board review of resale, sublet, and refinancing applications.

Freight elevator – move-in / move-out / large deliveries

Residents who are moving in, moving out, or receiving a major delivery should contact the management office, which will reserve the service elevator and schedule security coverage for the appropriate period.  A $100 fee is charged in addition to a refundable $500 deposit.

Building services


Front door – concierge and doormen

There is someone at the front concierge desk 24 hours a day.  On weekdays between noon and 8 PM there are two doormen at the front door.  One doorman will always be at the concierge desk to ensure that all guests and deliveries are properly checked before being allowed up to an apartment.  The doormen at the concierge desk also monitor the closed circuit television system.  When the doormen are not otherwise engaged with security matters, they will help with packages and doors.


The front door is locked between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM for the security of our building.  The doorman will unlock the door for you and your guests.


Deliveries.  General deliveries of items like groceries, supplies, or small parcels, are permitted to your apartment between 8 AM and 5 PM when someone is at home to receive them.  Restaurant food orders may be delivered to your apartment until 9 PM, after which you must retrieve them from the front desk.


Luggage carts – For your convenience there are a number of luggage carts in the lobby. These should be returned promptly to the lobby and not left in hallways or elevators.


Maintenance and repairs

For routine repairs and maintenance, please contact the resident manager, Mr. Jose Anderson, at +1-212-496-5617 or leave a message with the doorman.


Handymen are on duty weekdays from 5 PM to midnight and on weekends from 4 PM to midnight to respond to minor emergencies in your apartment.  Call +1-212-496-5208.  After midnight call the doorman or security at +1-212-496-5612.


Lincoln Towers Community

Association (LTCA)


LTCA requires that residents’ dogs be registered and have a Lincoln Towers dog tag.  To register your dog, please contact the management office.  New York City and Lincoln Towers have a “pooper scooper” law, which means that you must clean up after your dog.  Additionally, there are areas on the grounds of our building and Lincoln Towers where dogs are not permitted.

Playground and park behind 205 West End

The recreation area and playground behind 205 West End are for the exclusive use of Lincoln Towers residents and their accompanied guests.  The security guard will require that one member of a party show a LTCA ID card when entering the park area from West End Avenue.

205 West End residents may enter and exit the park through the west rear door of the building.  Residents and guests must be considerate of others while in the park and are requested to clean up after yourselves and your children.  Small areas of the park may be booked for children’s birthday parties and picnics through the management office.



The role of the LTCA security department is to help maintain order and provide residents with professional protective services.  Their primary responsibility is to protect persons and property from harm.  They perform general patrol, vertical patrol, and staff fixed posts around the grounds.  Security guards respond to calls for assistance from residents at Lincoln Towers, for instance: lockouts, gas odors, noise complaints, and so on, with a view toward correcting the condition and preparing a report.

While they are trained to deal with emergency situations, they are not emergency personnel.  In an emergency you should first call 911 and afterward call LTCA security.


Remember, the security department is there to ensure your safety and well being.  Get to know the guards so that they may readily identify you as a resident.  If you need immediate assistance, please call the Tour Commander at +1-212-496-5612 at any hour day or night.  If you would like to speak to the Director of Security, please call +1-212-496-5616 during business hours.


The security and building staff want you to be aware of a common scam which unauthorized individuals use to enter buildings.  Often a perpetrator will enter a building at the same time as a resident, tagging along to give the impression that they are together.  Should this ever happen to you, please advise the doorman immediately.  Even if you are not sure, don’t be embarrassed to report it to the doorman.  It is always better to err on the safe side


Residents are required to leave a set of keys to their apartment with the LTCA security office, where the keys will be filed.  This will facilitate matters in case of an emergency or lockout.  In case you are locked out of your apartment, ask Lincoln Towers Security for help at +1-212-496-5612 at any time.

NOTE:  If the keys are not on file, LTCA security will not be able to assist you in  gaining access to you apartment.  Apartment or mailbox keys should not be left with the doorman.  If you do so, it is at your own risk.


LTCA services



If plaster becomes damaged in your apartment you should contact the superintendent, Jose Anderson.  He will verify the condition and, if appropriate, set an appointment with the LTCA plasterer to make the repair.  Please note that painting is the responsibility of the shareholder.


Tile work  

You may call the building superintendent, Mr. Jose Anderson, to arrange for a LTCA workman to repair or grout loose tiles.  Please note that this work will only be performed on the building’s standard tile.  LTCA will not service renovated bathroom tiles.



Floor tiles which have been damaged by water due to plumbing will be replaced by LTCA.  LTCA attempts to match the color to the existing tiles but cannot guarantee a perfect match.  If your floors have been refinished or polyurethaned, LTCA will only replace missing tiles.  The shareholder is responsible for the finish on the floor.

Venetian blinds  

If you have the standard building blinds, LTCA will clean and re-tape them.  There is a charge of $125.00 for small blinds and $250.00 for large blinds.  Call +1-212-496-5115 for an appointment.

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