You will find links to all the forms required for various 205 West End Cooperative transactions.  Simply click on the appropriate link and you can open the form in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF file viewer.

Once downloaded, these forms can be filled out on your computer and we recommend that you do so.These online forms are made available to make preparation easier. They do not change the way in which transactions, many requiring board approval, are processed.

Please note that 205 West End does not permit interest only or negative amortization mortgages on purchases or refinancing.  It does allow reverse mortgages subject to the standard refinancing approval process.

Other than the purchase form, these forms pertain only to shareholders.

Management Office Approval

Permission to Enter Form

Pre-authorize a non-resident (relative, caregiver, housekeeper, worker) to enter your unit while you are away for up to a year.

Permission to Enter Form

Gym Membership

Annual Fee: Individual $100, Family $150 billed with September Maintenance

Membership Form

Community Room Rental

Step 1 Review rate sheet and fill out reservation request

Rate Sheet & Reservation Request

Step 2 Upon approval of request complete rental application.

Community Room Rental Application

Bicycle Room Space

There is an annual fee.  The amount may be reviewed with other Cooperative fees in the building fees document.

Call management office to check availability

Space Rental Contract

Storage Room

Annual Fee: $400 for large bin, $200 for small bin billed with January Maintenance

Bin Rental Contract

Call management office to check availability

Board Approval

Apartment Sale/Purchase

Purchase Procedures & Forms Package

This includes all the forms you will need in preparation of your purchase package as well as instructions and a listing of attachments.  The full package is suitable for printing.  In addition, for your convenience, the application is available as a PDF form suitable for filling out on your computer.  The PDF application form may be filled out, saved, and printed.

Renovation Procedures

Balcony Lighting Package

Per-line Drawings:


Please note that effective September 1, 2003 shareholders may finance no more than 70% of the purchase price or appraised value of their residence.

Title Transfer

Transfer Procedures & Forms Package

Transfer Shares into Trust

Trust Transfer Procedures & Required Agreements


Please carefully review the sublet guidelines before you proceed with a formal request to sublet.

Sublet Guidelines

Sublet Package

Library of documents