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COVID-19 Communications Archive

The board, building management, LTCA, and various public health agencies have written information and advice that board and management have chosen to share over BuildingLink and with paper postings in the mail rooms during the emergency.

There are now so many of them that we have undertaken to accumulate and publish this archive.

2020-05-18-building-operations-iv-V4-FINAL.pdfThanks to pandemic staffing volunteers, announcement of electronic delivery of application packages, reminder on face coverings.
2020-04-29 - Composting Service Update.pdfNotice that NYC is suspending the composting program for the duration of the emergency.
2020-04-20-building-operations-iii-V5-FINAL-REDACTED.pdfBuilding Operations Update: Face coverings required in all common areas of the building, packages are piling up, mail room protocol, call for volunteers for pandemic staffing.
2020-04-14 - If You Need Shopping or Tech Help.pdfReminder of availability of volunteer-staffed shopping and tech support service for quarantined and other residents.
2020-04-13-building-operations-ii-V5-FINAL-REDACTED.pdfUpdate on facemasks, this archive, laundry room web access, and in-home entertainment.
2020-04-09 Support for our building staff - Gayle Slonim.pdfSolicitation for donations to fund to feed and otherwise support building staff during the emergency.
2020-04-08 New Elevator and Mask Guidelines.pdf205 Board guidelines on elevator use and face covering.
2020-04-07 Appreciation Note .pdfThank you note from Board to residents.
2020-04-03 Laundry Room Guidelines.pdf205 Board guideline for use of the laundry room.
2020-03-31 Discontinuation of Home Isolation Per CDC Guidelines .pdfCDC guidance on when an isolated patient can resume normal activities
2020-03-30 AKAM April Maintenance Payments .pdfAKAM notice about making maintenance payments by mail because the on-site office would not be staffed for the duration of the emergency.
2020-03-29 If You Need Help Shopping During Covid-19.pdfNotice of availability of volunteer-staffed shopping service for quarantined and other residents.
2020-03-26 Mutual Aid Shopping Service.pdfNotice of availability of volunteer-staffed shopping service for quarantined and other residents.
2020-03-25-electricity-metering-V4.pdf205 Board notice that electricity billing would be based on seasonal estimates for the duration of the emergency.
2020-03-24 Volunteer Information.pdfSolicitation for volunteers by Mutual Aid working group
2020-03-23 Notice of Delay of Annual Meeting of Shareholders.pdf205 Board notice of delay of annual meeting
2020-03-19-social-distancing-V2-FINAL.pdf205 Board social distancing guidelines
2020-03-18-quarantine-guidance-V4-FINAL .pdf205 Board quarantine guidelines
2020-03-18 LTCA Coronavirus Guidelines.pdfLincoln Towers Community Association COVID-19 Guidelines
2020-03-16-building-operations-v4.pdf205 Board notice of major changes to building operations.
2020-03-16 AKAM Emergency Contact List.pdfAKAM Notice of existence of emergency contact list for evacuation or emergency.
2020-03-13 AKAM Emergency Contact Sign Up Sheet.pdfAKAM Sign-up Sheet for residents to declare need for assistance in an evacauation or other emergency.
2020-03-13 AKAM Delivery Procedures Update.pdfAKAM Notice that deliveries may not be taken to the resident's door.
2020-03-11 AKAM Community Room Update.pdfAKAM Notice about Community Room cleaning regime. (Yes, it came out after the notice closing the CR).
2020-03-10 AKAM Gym Update.pdfAKAM Notice about Gym cleaning regime.
2020-03-10 AKAM Community Room Update.pdfAKAM Notice closing the Community Room.
2020-03-09 Coronavirus Update.pdf205 Board update on what staff is doing and what residents should be doing.
2020-03-06 NYC DoH What You Need To Know About COVID-19.pdfNYC DoH overview of COVID-19.
2020-03-06 NYC DoH Disinfection Guidance.pdfNYC DoH guidance on disinfecting commercial and residential buildings.
2020-03-06 AKAM Coronavirus Update.pdfAKAM notice to resdients.
2020-03-02 AKAM Coronavirus Update.pdfAKAM notice to residents with hygiene advice.