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Committees and Working Groups

The Board of Directors has established a number of committees and working groups to advise it.  Most of these working groups focus on specific topics, and all include a board member to serve as a liaison between the group and the board.  For most of the working groups we provide an email address to a mailing list that lets you communicate with the committee.

Here are the committees and working groups and their membership rosters:

  • Lawrence Ellenberg
  • Sarah Gribetz
  • Reshma Rughwani
  • Ernie Sander [Board liaison]
  • Leda Sternberg
Community Room [community-room-committee@205westend.com]
  • Fredda Broza
  • Abigail Burns [Board liaison]
  • Diane Hom
  • Carol Mager
  • Sharon Suchotliff
  • Alysa Turkowitz
  • Larry Chaifetz [Board liaison]
  • Emma Gruber
  • Ellen Hochberg
  • Stephen Meyers
  • Dana Tedone
  • Ellie Applewhaite [Board liaison]
  • Lynda Fisher
  • Joel Fram
  • Katherine Goldring
  • Emma Gruber
  • Alan Hirsch
  • Rhonda Kirschner
  • Berta Kropf
  • Liz Ninyo
  • Reshma Rughwani
  • Evelyn Silberman
  • Lisina Ceresa
  • Larry Chaifetz
  • Rob Stein [Board liaison]