205 West End boasts a number of facilities that contribute to quality of life for residents.


There are two large laundry rooms in the basement, one in each wing of the building, east and west.  The laundry rooms are equipped with numerous front- and top-loading washing machines in a range of sizes as well as several large dryers.  You pay for the use of these machines with smart cards which you may purchase or replenish at vending machines in each laundry room.  Several large tables in each room make folding dried laundry easier.  Each room has a number of large rolling baskets, making it easy to move your wet laundry to the dryer without having to risk dropping items on the floor or make several trips across the room.  Each laundry room is equipped with a large slop sink, a small bathroom, and a popular bulletin board.


One of the most popular and heavily used amenities is the gym.  Located in the basement, this gym includes a selection of exercise equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, stationary bicycles, and various weight training equipment.  Because of insurance restrictions the use of this facility is limited to shareholders age 16 or older.  There are two forms of membership, individual, which allows only one named person to use the gym, and family, which gives access to all of the members of the household.

Community Room

In the basement is a large multipurpose room called the community room.  It is dedicated to the use of residents during its opening hours, 9AM to 9PM.  The community room is supervised by a committee chaired by a board member.  It is a very popular venue for children's activities during inclement weather.  It is also a popular venue for adult activities like Pilates classes held several times per week, Yoga classes, and occasional board game and card game nights.  Residents can rent the room for private functions ... there have been numerous birthday parties as well as some wedding receptions and other celebrations.

Bicycle Storage Room

There is a secure room in the basement where you may rent a numbered slot to keep a bicycle.  The bicycle room is a popular facility.  Check with the management office on availability, since space is limited.

Storage Bins

At the west end of the basement is a room with a number of lockable storage bins in two sizes, large and small.  These are rented to residents on an annual basis.  There is a waiting list for these bins, so contact the management office to join the list.

205 West End shares one of the rarest and most remarkable amenities with the other seven buildings comprising Lincoln Towers, namely the garden.  Comprising a number of landscaped acres behind 165, 185, and 205, this secure private park is a favorite of residents whenever the weather is nice.  The garden includes basketball courts, a hockey rink, a playground engineered for young children, beautiful trees, shrubs, and lawns, various pathways and comfortable benches where you can sit and enjoy the scene or just read a book.  There is a bathroom near the playground.  Bring your LTCA ID card with you when you come, since the security guard at the entrance will not let you in without one.

Riverside Park

Less than five minutes walk by foot is Riverside Park, which extends from 72nd Street all the way north along the Hudson River to 158th Street.  Designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead, who also designed Central Park as well as numerous other famous parks around the country.  Riverside Park South extends Riverside Park southward from 72nd Street toward 59th Street.  There is a charming public pier at the foot of 70th Street and during the warm weather two very pleasant open-air restaurants, one at 70th Street and one at 79th Street.  A beautiful bicycle path runs the length of the park and beyond it in both directions.

Central Park

The crown jewel of New York City parks, Central Park, may be found three blocks (we don't count Broadway) east of 205 West End Avenue.  Probably Olmstead's most famous park, it is particularly popular with runners, bicyclists, roller-skaters, and other athletes on weekends and holidays, when the park drives are closed to cars.